For over two decades the horticulturists at Environmental Deer Control have made a business of identifying and trialing every US product characterized as an animal repellent, fence or “devise” for preventing deer browse on ornamental plants and food crops. With thousands of properties across the nation under management our company mantra has always been to search out and exploit the latest methods of mitigating this billion dollar siege. Whether a noise gizmo, net, water gun or strobe light; our research concludes: no devise does the job effectively….UNTILL NOW!


Commencing in the May of 2012 Environmental Deer Control will be offering our innovation that promises to revolutionize the deer repellent industry. Our all new SINGING SPRINGS physical deer barrier will be available to all of our customers. This simple yet remarkable technology of camouflaged TRIGGER LINES and musical (SINGING) springs makes it possible to inexpensively and expeditiously halt  deer browse in the worst of scenarios virtually ANYWHERE that deer feed. Our (patent pending, odor inoculated TRIGGER LINES are erected just like a fence however there are generally no posts and the entire installation is almost invisible. The (patent pending) SINGING SPRINGS are affixed to the lines and tensioned between existing trees… and done!


With the slightest bodily contact Deer become aggravated by the SPRING vibrations and the physical constraint the serrated TRIGGER LINES impose. Flight response is instantaneous and deer bolt back into the woods where they belong!  Pets, birds and small critters are not affected and there is no environmental impact. You barely know that they are there. Trials indicate that our technology of aggravating the sensory responses, (touch, smell, sight, sound) teaches deer to avoid protected property only after a few encounters. No other product can make this claim!
        Face it….classic "deer fencing" is ugly, traps leaves and imprisons small creatures like birds and squirrels. Every year thousands of songbirds become trapped in deer netting and starve to death. Because of this single drawback, fencing or netting products are not an option. And the “mechanical” devices:...they all malfunction, are highly prone to temperature extremes and cost too much.


Our SINGING  SPRINGS  physical deer barrier are effective in all  weather conditions and can be installed any time of year. There are no chemicals to mix and no batteries to charge. You (or an EDC representative) install the system and forget about it… and forget the deer too! Maintenance is minimal and the system will last for 5 years. The average installation is around $250.00….compare that to the cost of a 7 foot deer fence! …Interested?.. Just send an email or call. An EDC representative will provide you with the details and an estimate. All work and materials are 100% guaranteed.

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