The Environmental Deer Control "network" is a no cost franchise of landscape companies, nurserymen and horticulturists who have turned the task of landscape protection into a profitable and full time business. Everyone in the green industry knows that deer are an enormous and expensive problem and are HERE TO STAY!

Landscapers and Nurserymen, if you are interested in joining our network of Deer Managment Experts, and wish to earn a substantial winter income please contact us
Spend your long winter months making money by providing this needed service to your community. People will LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!

Nurseries and Garden Centers Check out our retail nursery Tag and Trade marking Program. Increase sales by becoming a specialized “Deer Resistant” nursery operation. Establish this niche and grow your sales. Click Here to find out more.
The Environmental Deer Control plant protection system involves the use of a revolving proprietary repellent protocol that is both safe and pervasive.

One trained worker with a backpack sprayer can service 20 average size properties daily and use up to 50 gallons of material. We ship in 20 and 50 gallon concentrates. You add the water, mix and apply.

Treatment occurs at 10 to 12 week intervals and the browsing subsides.

Preventative control necessitates repeat spray at 10 to 12 week intervals.

Deer pressure varies from location to location and ALWAYS peaks during the winter months.


Any landscape or nursery operation can offer deer (and tick) management. Environmental Deer Control will supply you with some promotional text and basic advice. Thanks to the internet and good old “word of mouth” the program really does sell itself!
REMEMBER! Environmental Deer Control (formerly named The North American Deer Management Network) has been at this for 19 years. Our professional repellents have been the subject of multiple university studies, new product trials and news articles. The largest Deer repellent study in the US conducted at the University of RI demonstrated that our DEER PRUF formulation is the most effective deer repelling system in the country.

We routinely conduct Master Gardiner and private neighborhood seminars; consult with Government and State Divisions of Agriculture. All told we have over 10,000 residential customers and the list grows every day thanks to the hard work of our network members…Just call to get started.
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