Our DEER "b" GONE Repellent Program utilizes 4 separately EPA registered products in our proprietary (patent pending) "layering" technique. The amalgamation is bonded to leaf and bud surfaces with a registered, waterproof horticultural leaf glue where it will stay active (and modestly visible) for 15 weeks. We do not use unregistered repellents and we do not use eggs.


The market is loaded with "concoctions" whose owners claim to be superior because they are "exempt" from EPA registration. Such products all use rotten eggs and other food based compounds because deer (and people) hate the smell and because manufacturers are not required to meet federal standards for efficacy and safety with benign food based ingredients. Eggs attract rats and mice to your property and we all know that these pests carry Lyme Ticks. Because eggs rapidly decompose they are inefficient at repelling Deer for prolonged periods of time and can proliferate salmonella bacteria. Suggesting that you cure a serious deer browse problem with an unregistered repellent is no different then attempting to cure a serious physical illness with "over the counter" medications.

Protecting your landscaping is what we have been doing for over 20 years and for thousands of customers in 20 states. Utilizing anything other then the most proven superior products and techniques is just common sense.

Anybody with a backpack sprayer can apply our products. We ship in 5, 10, 15, and 20 gallon (three part) concentrates. Add water and shake. No tanks, no mechanical mixing, and no wasted product. Gardens and crops are treated at 10 to 12 week intervals until the deer stop coming. Preventative control necessitates repeat spray at 15 to 20 week intervals.BE OBSERVANT!!  Deer pressure varies from location to location.

Our products are 100% plant beneficial. Shipping jugs as well as the boxes are 100% returnable or recyclable. Excess product and sprayer rinse can be used as fertilizer on trees and gardens when drizzled around the root zone.

Our programs and products are safe to deer, pets or other creatures. Animals learn to avoid treated plants because they recall the bitterness or burning that they associate with the offensive odor. Humans do not detect the odor component of HOSTAGUARD, BITTERMIST, DEER PRUF or GOLD'n GRO GUARDIAN  6 hours post treatment (if at all).

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